Your app does not support Internet Explorer?
We got you covered.

Simply copy and paste the script below into the entry page or file of your app—your IE users will be redirected right away!

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous" id="nosupport_manifest"></script>

Frequently asked questions

  • What does the above script do?

    It checks whether the user visiting your page is using Internet Explorer and redirects them to a nosupport's page. If not, it does nothing.

    Now, if you're techie... it does a mix of browser detection using the user agent and duck typing to confirm the user is really using IE.

    Click here to see an example page to where the users will be redirected to.

  • What Internet Explorer versions will get caught?

    From 6 to 11.

  • How much will it cost me?

    Well, it depends. If you consider a line of code a cost, then it'll cost you a line of code.

  • What about privacy?

    Fear not—we don't collect any data from you or your users.

  • Will you support other browsers?

    It depends on the feedback. If people like the idea of NoSupport and the ease of the product, then yes. Not only other browsers, but different versions of IE as well.

  • I got a question, what to do?

    Send us (me) an email at